Northern Ireland UKPSA Level 3 International Match

One minibus this time, seven shooters and a ferry from Stranraer to Belfast. 17.5 hours in a minibus doing a maximum of 62 mph.
It was a very long day!
Up early Sunday and off to the range in Kilkell– which was in a field next to a community centre, now you wouldn’t get that in Kent!
The competition was excellent with a good variety of stages and the organisation was flawless. Everyone had a brilliant time, especially Rob and Old Stu as you can see below, holding the prizes for 3rd overall for Rob and 2nd in the Seniors for Old Stu.

    The Club will be closed on 25 & 27th December and
1st & 3rd January. Open on Monday 8th January.  

Saturday 6th January – Practical Shotgun and Mini-rifle.
Sunday 21st January – UKPSA Practical Shotgun Comp Practice
and range clear-up/stage building.

Saturday 27th January. 25 and 100 yards. 

Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year to all our members and friends.  

Contact Paul for details.


Saturday 27th January.
25 & 100 yards.


Monday nights – 7.30-9.30pm.
Members only.

Probationers' night

Maidstone range Wednesday nights –
Probationers evening.


Saturday 6th January –
Practical Shotgun am and Minirifle pm. 
Sunday 21st January  –
UKPSA PSG Training and range clear-up.