Central European Shotgun Open 2016 – Hungary

Two cars, one plane, four shooters and two support crew set out to take part in the Central European Shotgun Open
in Debrecan Hungary. The shoot was billed as the ‘Brutal Edition’, and it was, with 30 stages over two days, 8am starts finishing
around 6pm. Excellent competition and very well run and a good laugh!

Sunday 20th May – PSG/Mini-rifle/LBP.
Saturday 2nd June – PSG/Mini-rifle/LBP/Blackpowder.
Sunday 17th June – UKPSA Competition Practice.
Thursday 21st June – Target Evening.

Saturday 9th June – 1,000 and 600 yards . 

Contact Paul for details.


Saturday 9th June.
1,000 & 600 yards.


Monday nights – 7.30-9.30pm.
Members only.

Probationers' night

Maidstone range Wednesday nights –
Probationers evening.


    Sunday 20th May – PSG/Mini-rifle.
Saturday 2nd June – PSG/Mini-rifle/Blackpowder.
Sunday 17th June – Wrotham UKPSA pracrice day.
Thursday 21st June – Target Evening.