Welcome to Maidstone Pistol Club

Our home range is in Maidstone, Kent where we shoot .22 rifles on Monday nights. We also have a probationers' night on Wednesdays for all our new shooters. This is an excellent introduction to rifle shooting where you can learn the basics in a safe, friendly atmosphere.
We also shoot Practical Shotgun, Mini Rifle and Target Pistol/Rifle at a local outdoor range, as well as Bisley every 6-8 weeks.
Originally a pistol club, we have converted to rifles since pistols were banned in 1997.  This probably explains our informal yet enthusiastic attitude towards all forms of shooting.

Sunday 20th May – PSG/Mini-rifle/LBP.
Saturday 2nd June – PSG/Mini-rifle/LBP/Blackpowder.
Sunday 17th June – UKPSA Competition Practice.
Thursday 21st June – Target Evening.

Saturday 9th June – 1,000 and 600 yards . 

Contact Paul for details.


Saturday 9th June.
1,000 & 600 yards.


Monday nights – 7.30-9.30pm.
Members only.

Probationers' night

Maidstone range Wednesday nights –
Probationers evening.


    Sunday 20th May – PSG/Mini-rifle.
Saturday 2nd June – PSG/Mini-rifle/Blackpowder.
Sunday 17th June – Wrotham UKPSA pracrice day.
Thursday 21st June – Target Evening.