Welcome to Maidstone Pistol Club

Our home range is in Maidstone, Kent where we shoot .22 rifles on Monday nights. We also have a probationers' night on Wednesdays for all our new shooters. This is an excellent introduction to rifle shooting where you can learn the basics in a safe, friendly atmosphere.
We also shoot Practical Shotgun, Mini Rifle and Target Pistol/Rifle at a local outdoor range, as well as Bisley every 6-8 weeks.
Originally a pistol club, we have converted to rifles since pistols were banned in 1997. This probably explains our informal yet enthusiastic attitude towards all forms of shooting.

Annual General Meeting
Monday 24th October at Barton Road.

Mini Rifle Competition
Wrotham – Sunday 20th November 2016.

Contact Paul for details.


Saturday 12th November.
100 yards all day.


Monday nights – 7.30-9.30pm.
Members only.

Probationers' night

Maidstone range Wednesday nights –
Probationers evening.


Saturday 5th November.
9-10.30 – target rifle/pistol.
10.30 onwards – Practical Shotgun.

Mini Rifle Competition
Sunday 20th November – all day.